Lakeridge Winery – Wine Fest

Not too far on the NorthWest side of Orlando is a town called Clermont.  In that town is a wonderful local vineyard.  That vineyard is Lakeridge Winery.


It is a great place to spend a weekend afternoon.  Throughout the year the winery has all sorts of mini festivals.  This past weekend was Wine Fest 2019.


There is music, food vendors, and craft vendors.  The food is very good.  You can also purchase beer and wine.  Of course the wine is all from the vineyard.


In addition, you can go on a wine tasting tour of the wines they produce at the vineyard.  It is a great way to try all their wines and find the perfect one for your palate.

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One of the nicest things they have at the winery is their upstairs wine bar for a small snack and a glass or two of wine.  There is even entertainment in the wine bar!


The Lakeridge Winery has won many awards for their wine.  So stop by and enjoy a glass or come on by to enjoy one of their many festivals.