Excellence Riviera Cancun

After nearly two years being stuck at home we finally decided to take on the world again. For this instance we decided to go on vacation to lovely Cancun, Mexico. The resort we decided on was Excellence Riviera Cancun. To get a feel for the resort we made a video for you to enjoy.

A Beach Vacation in Nassau

When we take time off for vacation we like to visit the all-inclusive resorts.  It gives you extra added peace of mind knowing that everything for vacation has already been paid for.

Beach at Nassau Sep 2010

The ones we frequent are very good for food and drinks.  We relax at the pool or beach always with a rainbow of cocktails to choose from.

Picture 230

We usually take a tour to see the local history, taste local flavors, and just get a feel for the place we are visiting as well as the enjoy the natural splendors the place has to offer.

At night it is always “Party Time!”  Who does not like that?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag