Fresh Tomatoes for Thanksgiving

Nothing can compare to a fresh tomato from the garden.  We wait patiently for them since we grow our own.  Living in Central Florida we get two seasons for growing tomatoes, Spring and Fall.  We start our Fall season tomatoes in July from seed.


We then nurture them over the next few months.


Now we get to reap the harvest of great tasting tomatoes that you cannot buy in the supermarket.  We grow all varieties and they are all good.


All the vegetables shown in the next picture were grown and picked from our garden.



Our Garden Today

Living in Central Florida gives use three growing seasons.  The growing seasons for us are Spring, Fall, and Winter.  The Summer is just too hot for most vegetables to grow but we still get tropical fruits and Avocados during Summer.  Right now we have our Fall season vegetables growing.  We still have persimmons ripening and two bunches of bananas growing.

20180928_095317 (2)

We have 30 heirloom tomato plants growing right now in different parts of the garden.

20180928_095228 (2)

As well as Kale seedlings.

20180928_095250 (2)

Happy gardening to all of you.