Breakfast in Jamaica

When we go some place and travel, we like to sample the local cuisine.  Sometimes it is a hit or miss for our palate.  Fortunately for us, Jamaica is always a hit, with the tastiest and freshest food the island can offer.  There is a saying among the locals of Jamaica.  That no one can ever starve if they are not lazy.  The reason is due to the richness of the soil that produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and to the abundance the ocean can provide.  Here is a sampling of the wonderful breakfasts we enjoyed on vacation.

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The Jamaican national dish for breakfast is Ackie and Saltfish.  Ackie is a fruit this is eaten when ripe.  When cooked it resembles scrambled eggs.  The Ackie is mixed with salted codfish, onions, and tomatoes.  Callaloo is a leafy dark green vegetable that tastes like spinach.  It is steamed with tomatoes, garlic, scallions, onions, and thyme.  Cassava is either fried, boiled, or in dishes like Bammy that is made from grating the Cassava.  Saltfish Fritters are made with salted Cod, onions, scallions, and flour batter then fried until golden brown.  The entire breakfast is delicious and very filling.

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Add to breakfast the fantastic assortment of the freshest and flavorful tropical fruits like mangos and papaya.

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To top this all off is the rich dark brew of Blue Mountain Coffee grown right there on the island.  However, the best part for breakfast while on vacation is to have breakfast in your room delivered by your butler.  Now that is how you spend vacation.

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