Marita’s Latin Bites

On the east side of metro Orlando just past Hwy 417 on the south side of Colonial Drive is this wonderful little Mom and Pop restaurant.  We read about this place in the Orlando Sentinel.  Since we live way on the opposite west side of Metro Orlando we decided to take a drive and give this place a try.  Boy were we glad we did.

The menu has many selections so we asked the owner what she would suggest for our first time.  She suggested their rice bowls. So we decided on two different rice bowls.  We ordered the Churrasco Steak Rice Bowl


and the Fish Rice Bowl.


The food is cooked when you order it.  So it is fresh!

They also have a large selection of juices.  We tried the Passion Fruit juice.


Just before we finished we decided to give their Empanadas a try.  Sorry, we got so excited with the food we were eating forgot to take a picture of those.  They were very good.  We had one beef and one chicken.

The best thing about this restaurant is that it is very inexpensive.  It is a place we will drive across town for again and again.  There is nothing better than cheap eats with a ton of flavor.

If you are looking to give this place a try here is their website:

and their address: 9446 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL