Lukas Nursery

When you visit Lukas Nursery you are visiting a piece of Central Florida history.  Paul Lukas and Mary Klimek emigrated to the United States from Czechosovakia.  Mary in 1899 and Paul in 1905.  They met in Cleveland, Ohio and got married in 1908.

In 1911, Paul and Mary had enough of the city and decided to live the life of farmers.  They left Cleveland with six other families settled in the Oviedo area and began their farm in 1912.  They named the area where the farm was located as Slavia.

Over time that farm became Lukas Nursery.  In 2012, they celebrated 100 years of doing agriculture in the same location the family settled.  In fact, they even wrote it in a sidewalk on the property.  The inscription reads; ” 100 years 1912 – 2012 In agriculture at the same location.  We love our customers.  Thank you!  The Lukas Family”


The nursery has a big selection of very large pots that are not normally found anywhere else.


Of course, the nursery has a huge variety of plants.


And sprinkled throughout the nursery are all sorts of garden statues, fountains, and interesting finds.


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