Leu Gardens Annual Plant Sale

Being avid gardeners we look forward to this annual plant sale.  There are vendors from all over the state selling their wares.  There are tropical plants, flowers, and all the things that a gardener could need to tend their garden available.  In addition, there are groups that are at the plant sale to give gardeners information.  Such as this little guy who is a native species and the group was asking gardeners to plant native specie plants.


Every year there is a private hour for members of the botanical gardens to get in an hour before the general public.  Luckly, we are members of the botanical garden.  Even getting there early for the private hour, the crowd starts to get big.  The below picture is just one entrance to the garden and you can see it was starting to get busy.


All who are knowledgeable of this plant sale always bring a wagon of some sort.  Because those who buy do buy a lot.  The following slideshow is just a small portion of the plants we saw for sale.

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It is a great time for all who attend.  We came away with our wagon full of plants as you can see.


Enchanted Fairy Doors

Just outside of downtown Orlando is a wonderful botanical garden called Harry P Leu Gardens.  Right now they are having an exhibition that is fun for the whole family.

WHG_20180825_103206 (2)

That fun is searching for Fairy Doors throughout the garden.  It is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

So… if you are in the area and have an hour or two enjoy a wonderful stroll through the garden while searching for the Enchanted Fairy Doors.