Going Bananas

As we have told in past posts we have a nice garden in which we grow many different fruits and vegetables.  This time of year we are harvesting bananas.  Once the flower forms on the banana tree it takes 3 to 4 months before you can harvest the fruit.  This year we are very lucky to have 3 bunches growing at the same time.  We just harvested our first bunch.


The best way to harvest the huge bunch of bananas is one hand at a time.  Each of the above sections shown in the picture is called a “hand.”  Several hands make up a bunch when we harvest them.  We still have two more bunches to harvest.

With so many bananas ripening at the same time what are you to do?  Well of course you eat some but that is too many to eat before they ripen too much.  So… we make banana muffins and banana bread.  We are often told that our banana muffins and banana bread is so tasty but when friends try to recreate our recipe they cannot get the same taste.  The secret is simple.  We use fresh bananas from the garden not ones from the store.


Once they are made we can freeze the muffins and bread and take them out whenever we want a treat.

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